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Article  •  17 August 2023


Eat like a Matildas player with these 5 easy recipes

Discover a few dishes Matildas players love and learn how to make them yourself.

While the Matildas might have lost their semi-final match to England, it doesn’t mean Australia is any less proud of what our women’s football team has achieved.

Though the outcome of the match wasn’t what we dreamed of, the Matildas nevertheless smashed records both on and off the field. According to CODE Sports, The Matildas v England World Cup semi-final ‘peaked at a staggering 11.15 million [viewers], smashing all previous TV viewing records.’

Safe to say, everyone is obsessed.

So, if you, too, have the Matildas on the mind, why not celebrate these sporting stars by cooking up the foods they love?

What Matildas players eat

Overhead shot of avocado toast on a white plate with boiled eggs.

Avocado toast with eggs

Matildas players, they’re just like us! As it turns out, multiple Matildas players have a soft spot for avo toast – even better when eggs and fetta are included. Steph Catley, Kyah Simon and Sam Kerr have all shared their love of this café-worthy dish, and now you can enjoy it from your own kitchen.

This version from Joshua Weissman: An Unapologetic Cookbook, can be as basic or as complex as you dare make it. Want to go all out? Try your hand at homemade sourdough and butter to really take things to the next level.


Eggs on a pink plate with two hands holding eggs in the background.

The perfect 7-min eggs

Don’t have time for poaching? Top your avocado toast with perfectly runny boiled eggs instead. The Glucose Goddess Method's recipe for The perfect 7-min eggs is your secret to getting that dreamy runny yoke, achievable by even the clumsiest cooks.


Overhead view of an acai bowl, topped with banana, berries and bee pollen.

Acai bowl

What’s the perfect breakfast? If you ask Ellie Carpenter or Katrina Gorry, they might tell you the same thing: acai bowls. Both players have been known to enjoy this antioxidant-packed dish, which is easy to make and super customisable.

This recipe from The Good Life Eatery Cookbook outlines everything you need to know to make the perfect acai bowl. Follow the suggested toppings of granola, banana, berries and bee pollen, or get creative with your favourite nuts, seeds and fruit to make it your own.


Overhead view of two bowls of baked beans against a floral patterned tablecloth.

Brixton baked beans

Prefer a more savoury breakfast? If so, you’re on the same wavelength as Mary Fowler, who prefers scrambled eggs, baked beans and toast for brekkie. Make your baked beans healthier (and more delicious) by swapping store-bought for homemade.

Made in a slow cooker, these Brixton baked beans from Slow Cooked require little effort but turn out amazing every time. Just make sure you set aside a few hours to let these stew before you hope to eat. It is called slow cooking, after all.


Front view of overnight oats in a jar, with orange and pistachio topped.

Orange pistachio overnight oats

If you ran into Ellie Carpenter a few hours before a match, you’d likely find her snacking on a bowl of oats. According to ABC News, eating oats three hours before she plays is part of her pre-game routine, which also involves listening to music and putting on her signature blue headband.

Channel your inner Ellie while prepping brekkie for tomorrow with these Orange Pistachio Overnight Oats from Downshiftology Healthy Meal PrepThink zesty orange, crunchy pistachios and a bit of maple for extra sweetness – heavenly!

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The perfect 7-min eggs

The only prerequisite skill for preparing perfect 7-min eggs is a general knowledge of how to fill a pot with water.

Acai bowl

A Brazilian-inspired bowl that’s just as good as the ones they make at your favourite café.

Brixton baked beans

Vegetarian-friendly baked beans with added depth thanks to pomegranate molasses.

Avocado & egg toast

Alright, I might be from LA, and I also might have an avocado toast recipe in this book—truly the ultimate stereotype.

Chicken, lemon and olive traybake

A simple, classic dish.

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