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Article  •  24 October 2022


Jamie Oliver is about to publish a middle-grade fiction novel

Jamie Oliver will make his children's fiction debut with Billy and the Giant Adventure, coming April 2023.

Jamie Oliver has just announced his first children’s book, Billy and the Giant Adventure, which will be published in Australia on 18 April 2023.

In addition to Billy and the Giant Adventure, Jamie has also shared that there will be a currently-untitled sequel to follow in 2024.

The Story

Despite being the celebrity chef’s debut children’s fiction novel, Billy and the Giant Adventure will be jam-packed with imagination, brilliant storytelling, and whimsical touches to excite young readers. Following Billy and his best friends Anna, Jimmy and Andy, the book chronicles their unforgettable adventure in Waterfall Woods. No one has passed through the walls of the woods in decades, but when the friends find a secret way in, they discover that it is full of magic. When a community of sprites needs the children’s help, they attempt a giant rescue – with plenty of flying machines, epic feasts, and magical battles along the way.

About Jamie

Jamie is best known for his quick and healthy recipes, so you might be surprised to find that he has always been a storyteller at heart.

In his announcement for Billy and the Giant Adventure, Jamie shared just how much love he has put into the project.

‘Yes, guys, I’ve written a kids’ book and I’m so excited to share it with you. Growing up with dyslexia meant reading and writing didn’t come easily, but rather than holding me back, it’s only ever helped me achieve anything I’ve set my mind to. I look at things differently, which has meant an overactive imagination – brilliant for being creative and coming up with great stories for the kids at bedtime. So, I’m beyond excited to be publishing my first children’s book, based on a story I used to tell Petal, Buddy and River. 

And what a journey it’s been! My writing process probably isn’t the most conventional, but I’ve loved every second and just hope that families everywhere enjoy reading (or listening to, yes, I’ve done an audiobook!) Billy and the Giant Adventure as much as I’ve enjoyed dreaming it up.’


Speaking openly about having dyslexia, Jamie has made accessibility a key focus in Billy and the Giant Adventure. An audiobook will be released on 13 April 2023, featuring state-of-the-art sound effects and multiple voices narrating, including Jamie himself.

The print edition has likewise been designed for accessibility, with key design elements helping to ensure ease of legibility for readers of all ages.

Learn more  

In an announcement video on Instagram, Jamie shared more details about the book and his process of creating the story. Watch the video for a word from Jamie and a peek at some of the illustrations inside. Check out Billy and the Giant Adventure here to learn more and pre-order your copy ahead of the 18 April 2023 release date.

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