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Article  •  18 February 2021


Kids and self-confidence

The bestselling author and cartoonist on how to feel more confident.

A new school year! For many kids it means new classes, new friends, new challenges – and after last year with so many learning remotely for months at a time, this could feel more true now than ever. The world of the pre-teen is packed with change, and sometimes they need a helping hand sorting it all out. Whether it’s their body taking on a life of its own, finding their strengths and talents, or standing up for what they feel is right, Kaz Cooke’s Girl Stuff 8-12 is the essential go-to guide to puberty, the pre-teen years and all the curly questions in between.

To help, Kaz has put together a handy two page download for kids who might need some tips on dealing with all things confidence.  


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Girl Stuff 8–12

The essential younger girl's guide to puberty and the pre-teen years. Fully revised and updated edition 2019/2020.

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