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Activity  •  25 March 2021


World Earth Day kids activity packs

This Earth Day, help kids learn and engage with the environment around them through these informative and fun activity sheets.

What a Waste

In What a Waste, author Jess French reveals extraordinary facts about the waste we produce and its impact on us and our planet.

Download the What a Waste activity pack (pdf)

Earth's Incredible Oceans

Written by animal expert Jess French and illustrated by Claire McElfatrick, takes children on a fascinating underwater journey, showing them just how amazing oceans are, what plants and animals live in them, and how we can help them.

Download the Earth's Incredible Oceans colouring sheet

How to Make a Better World

This fun and inspiring guide to making the world a better place and becoming a good citizen is packed with ideas and tips for kids who want to know how to make a difference.

Through ideas as small as creating a neighbourhood lending library to as important as public speaking and how to talk about politics, How to Make a Better World is a practical guide to activism for awesome kids.

Download the How to Make a Better World activity pack (pdf)

Under Your Feet

Under Your Feet delves beneath the Earth's surface and explores the diverse wonders hidden there. Learn the importance of soil and how to become a soil scientist in this fun activity pack. 

Download the Under Your Feet activity sheet (pdf)

The Secret Explorers 

A new educational fiction series for young readers, The Secret Explorers is a reminder to kids that they are limited only by their imagination and teaches them that learning is fun! But most of all, these educational books encourage children to believe that they can become experts in something they love.

Download The Secret Explorers activity pack (pdf)


Featured Titles

Earth's Incredible Oceans
A gorgeously illustrated book all about oceans for young animal and conservation enthusiasts
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The Secret Explorers and the Lost Whales
Learn about humpback whales and fascinating deep-sea creatures in this action-packed adventure story.
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What A Waste
Help save our planet by learning more about a rubbish subject - our litter and pollution
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What A Waste activity pack

Everything you need to know about what we’re doing to our environment, good and bad.

Earth's Incredible Oceans colouring sheet

A gorgeously illustrated book all about oceans for young animal and conservation enthusiasts.

The Secret Explorers activity pack

Join The Secret Explorers on a fact-filled adventure in this free activity pack!

Meet The Secret Explorers

Meet the group of brilliant kids from around the world who come together to fix problems, solve mysteries, and learn new things!    

ABC Pride activity pack

Celebrate pride in this wonderful activity pack.

The Secret World of Plants activity pack

Discover the incredible world of plants in this fun activity pack.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Very First Encyclopedia activity pack

Explore the wonderful world of Eric Carle with this fun activity pack.

Making Memories mini mindfulness kit

Encourage kids to discover and embrace mindfulness in this fun activity pack.

Nature's Treasures scavenger hunt activity pack

Go outside and explore nature with this fun scavenger hunt activity pack from Nature's Treasures.

A World Full of Poems activity pack

Explore the world of poetry in this fun activity pack! Inspire your kids to get creative and write their own poems.

Recycle and Remake activity pack

Recycle a t-shirt and turn it into a tote bag!

How to Do Hard Things activity pack

Take some time for your mental health and wellness with this free activity pack.

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