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Activity  •  20 May 2020


Environmental activity packs

Help kids learn and engage with the environment around them through these informative and fun activity sheets! 

Be Plastic Clever Activity Sheet

Learn how to be more eco-friendly at home!

Download the Be Plastic Clever activity sheet here

Under Your Feet Activity Sheet

Learn how to be a soil scientist! 

Download the Under Your Feet Activity Sheet here

What a Waste Activity Sheet

Learn about how much we waste and what we can recycle!

Download the What a Waste Activity Sheet here

Be Plastic Clever Amy and Ella Meek, DK

Learn about the dangers of single-use plastics and pick up tips on what you can do to help through teenage activists Amy and Ella.

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The Secret Explorers activity pack

Join The Secret Explorers on a fact-filled adventure in this free activity pack!

Meet The Secret Explorers

Meet the group of brilliant kids from around the world who come together to fix problems, solve mysteries, and learn new things!    

LEGO Halloween Ideas activity pack

Test your creativity and brush up your building skills in this Halloween-themed LEGO activity pack.

Timelines of Everyone activity pack

Discover the lives of incredible people in this free kids activity pack! 

Mysteries of the Universe activity pack

Explore the vastness of the universe in this epic activity pack!

Wild Scientists activity pack

Uncover nature's greatest scientists, engineers, and mathematicians from plants that can count to architect insects in this fun activity pack!

Inventors activity pack

Learn about famous inventors and then have a go at designing your own invention!

World Environment Day activity pack

Learn how to become an Earth protector with this educational home project pack!

What's My Teenager Thinking?

Got a teenager at home? Everything feel heightened during COVID-19? Help is at hand. 

LEGO activity packs

Share the joy of LEGO bricks with the whole family. 

Little Gem colouring pack

Meet everyone's new favourite witch

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