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Activity  •  3 February 2020


Edie's Experiments activity pack

Crack open your science kit with Edie!

If there's one piece of advice I can give you for your first day of school, it's this: avoid sliming your entire classroom. Even if it's only an accident, you'll probably end up in trouble with your new teacher . . . or your classmates . . . or your principal. Or with all three, like I did.


Edie and her family have moved house and she's starting a new school this year - Class 5Z with Mr Zhu. Eager to impress, Edie uses her trusty science kit to demonstrate her creative skills in experiments. With enthusiasm she makes slime, cookies, creams and bouquets for her classmates . . .  experiments which don't always go to plan!

Read Edie's story in Edie's Experiments 1: How to Make Friends by Charlotte Barkla.

Coming soon: Edie's Experiments 2: How to Be the Best


In this activity pack you'll find a recipe for taste-safe chia slime, a science themed find-a-word, a maze and instructions for fizzing bath bombs.

Download the Edie's Experiments Activity Pack [PDF]

Edie's Experiments Activity Pack

Looking to explore STEM in your school classroom? Download the teachers' notes for the Edie's Experiments series and check out Charlotte Barkla's blog post on why Girls Love Science Too.


If you have read and enjoyed Edie's Experiments, take a moment to rate and review the book on Goodreads. #EdiesExperiments

Edie's Experiments 1: How to Make Friends Charlotte Barkla, Sandy Flett

A new school, a classroom full of potential new friends and a science kit. What could possibly go wrong?

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