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Book Review Bookshop
Shop 6 St Ives Village Centre
St Ives, NSW 2075


Meet bestselling children's author Jacqueline Harvey and celebrate her new book, Kensy and Max 5: Freefall, at Book Review St Ives. Jacqueline will be available to meet fans and sign books from her ever-popular series – Alice-Miranda, Clementine Rose and Kensy and Max.

About Kensy and Max 5: Freefall:

Where do you draw the line when your family and friends are in grave danger? Do you take action even though it means ignoring the rules?

Back at Alexandria, with their friend Curtis Pepper visiting, Kensy and Max are enjoying the school break. Especially when Granny Cordelia surprises them with a trip to New York! It's meant to be a family vacation, but the twins soon realise there's more to this holiday than meets the eye.

The chase to capture Dash Chalmers is on and when there’s another dangerous criminal on the loose, the twins find themselves embroiled in a most unusual case. They’ll need all their spy sensibilities, along with Curtis and his trusty spy backpack, to bring down the culprit.


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02 9144 7837

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