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  • Published: 4 April 2013
  • ISBN: 9781448118465
  • Imprint: Ebury Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 368


Find out how the Starman came to be in the most ambitious and important book on Ziggy Stardust ever written

He came from Outer Space...

It was the greatest invention in the history of pop music - the rock god who came from the stars - which struck a young David Bowie like a lightning bolt from the heavens.

When Ziggy the glam alien messiah fell to Earth, he transformed Bowie from a prodigy to a superstar who changed the face of music forever. But who was Ziggy Stardust? And where did he really come from?

In a work of supreme pop archaeology, Simon Goddard unearths every influence that brought Ziggy to life - from HG Wells to Holst, Kabuki to Kubrick, and Elvis to Iggy. Ziggyology documents the epic drama of the Starman's short but eventful time on Planet Earth. and why Bowie eventually had to kill him.

  • Published: 4 April 2013
  • ISBN: 9781448118465
  • Imprint: Ebury Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 368

About the author

Simon Goddard

Simon Goddard grew up in Wales and Scotland before studying art in the North of England. He later moved to London to work as a music journalist and is now recognised as one of the most unique voices in pop writing. In addition to Simply Thrilled, he has written acclaimed books about The Smiths and Morrissey (Songs That Saved Your Life, Mozipedia), Bowie (Ziggyology) and the Stones (Rollaresque). Mozipedia was voted Mojo magazine readers’ Book Of The Year and has since been published in three continents.

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Praise for Ziggyology

A great deal of research has gone into Ziggyology. Ziggy becomes a forcefield of fabulation, an imaginative cartography through and to whom all manner of ley lines pass.ingeniously and entertainingly (rendered)


A tremendous account

Q Magazine ****

Dazzlingly pulls together all the vibrant strands that made up the star-spun cloth of Ziggy. Goddard is the aficionado.

Gary Kemp

Does for David Bowie what Greil Marcus's Lipstick Traces did for the Sex Pistols... Big, bold and refreshingly original... It's Ziggy as experienced from the alien inside

MOJO Magazine ****

I heartily recommend Ziggyology, not just to those fans of Bowie and Ziggy, but to anyone with an interest in the popular culture of the last hundred years or so, to anyone with a passing interest in the world around us, and all beautifully written by a fine writer who displays a great gift of passing on his enthusiasm to the reader.

Steve Earles, Destructive Music

If you've been enjoying David Bowie's comeback, you'll relish Simon Goddard's offbeat paean of man-love to his earlier incarnation. Goddard offers a thrillingly unusual slant on how Ziggy Stardust.came into being

The Observer

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