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Kids adore Colin Thompson’s brand of off-the-planet humour. Now here’s an off-the-planet series to make them laugh even more!

Kids adore Colin Thompson’s brand of off-the-planet humour. Now here’s an off-the-planet series to make them laugh even more!

Radius Limpfast is one of the world’s richest men. His reality TV shows have made him billions. The next series is always greater than the one before and yet he is never satisfied.

Then one night, after a particularly creative bacon curry, Radius dreams up the ultimate reality show. No matter whatever anyone else comes up with, they will never be able to top it.

Radius is going to send a family to the moon.

Limpfast TV will pick an ordinary family, just like yours, build a rocket and a big glass dome and put them all together on the moon. The whole world will tune in to watch.

This will be reality TV at its finest.

What could possibly go wrong?


It’s out of this world. Are you ready to launch into space? Well, here’s an off-the-planet book to make you laugh. Colin Thompson's Watch This Space: Out to launch is a great example of his special brand of off-the-planet humour.

Newspapers in Education (syndicated to various regional newspapers)

With his very recognisable acerbic wit and uncanny ability to pinpoint the most laughable and ridiculous aspects of popular culture, Colin’s newest comic offering puts the spotlight on reality TV shows with superb results . . . Boys and girls from around 10 up, plus those of us who relish Colin’s very particular sense of humour will be very excited about this new series.

Sue Warren, losangzopa.wordpress.com

I really enjoyed this book with all of its crazy exaggerations and over-the-top jokes. It is definitely great for younger readers as it is written quite simply. I think that kids aged 7–11 would enjoy this book. Rating: 9/10.

Thomas C (student), Sunday Mail Adelaide

Watch This Space: Out to Launch is a great book, as Colin Thompson’s writing amuses all kids. The comedy is outrageous! . . . Overall this book is the perfect amount of all the good stuff you look for in a good read.

Taleisha Riley (student), Townsville Bulletin

Absolutely hilarious with laugh-out-loud moments, wacky ideas, quirky characters and cartoon like illustrations . . . To pick up a book and be laughing within the first two pages is a great way to start or end the day and Watch this Space: Out to Launch is one of those books. I loved it.

Lee Foyster, creativekidstales.com.au

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    May 1, 2015

    Random House Australia Children's

    256 pages

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    May 1, 2015

    Random House Australia

    256 pages

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