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About the book
  • Published: 15 March 2010
  • ISBN: 9780767931939
  • Imprint: Broadway
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • RRP: $24.99

The Werewolf's Guide To Life

Formats & editions

A Manual for the Newly Bitten

Have you been attacked by a wolf-like creature in the last 30 days? Was it after the sun had set and under a full moon? If you answered, “yes” to both these questions, there’s a very good chance that you were bitten by a werewolf. You now have less than a month before the full moon returns and with it your first transformation into a savage, bloodthirsty beast.
Survival is an option, but first, know this:
* Werewolves are real.
* The majority of lycanthropes who do not have access to this book die during or shortly after their first transformations, generally due to heart failure, gunshot wounds, exposure, drowning or suicide.
* Hollywood horror movies are NOT to be used as guides to living as a werewolf. Their goal is not to educate, but to entertain. As a result, they are largely ignorant of the realities of the condition.
* Ignorance creates monsters; lycanthropy does not.
* You are not a monster.
The Werewolf's Guide to Life cuts through the fiction and guides you through your first transformation and beyond, offering indispensable advice on how to tell if you’re really a werewolf, post-attack etiquette, breaking the news to your spouse, avoiding government abduction, and how to not just survive, but thrive. You cannot afford to not read this book. Your very life depends on it.

  • Pub date: 15 March 2010
  • ISBN: 9780767931939
  • Imprint: Broadway
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • RRP: $24.99

About the Authors

Ritch Duncan

RITCH DUNCAN and BOB POWERS have devoted their lives to aiding and serving the lycanthrope community. They live in New York City. Illustrator EMILY FLAKE is a New York based cartoonist and illustrator who is grateful to have gotten close enough to study her subjects for this book without being torn limb from limb.

Bob Powers

Bob Powers was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He is currently living in New York City with his fiance, Amanda.

Bob is also the author of Happy Cruelty Day! Daily Celebrations of Quiet Desperation. That book's good too. He is the creator and author of the long-running humour website, Girls Are Pretty.

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