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Book clubs  •  30 January 2017


The Shifting Light

Delight your reading group with this book written by a book club.

The Shifting Light is a riveting rural novel of family intrigue, love and suspense. Beneath the breathtaking outback Wangalla sky, Nina sets forth on a voyage through a maze of family secrets. Can she find the truth behind a mysterious portrait of her thought-to-be-dead father? Here are some more questions to get your next book club session up and running.

Reading Group Questions

  • Parent/child relationships feature in The Shifting Light. To what extent do they shape the characters and their actions?
  • What role does art play in the novel?
  • How does the colloquial language contribute to place and character in The Shifting Light?
  • Of all the characters, Hilary changes the most. How and why?
  • What does switching between scenes when Nina and Hilary are in peril add to the tension?
  • When and how did your perception of Lachlan change?
  • The Shifting Light is about shifting allegiances. How do these play out?
  • How well do the social and racial tensions examined in the book reflect the realities of rural life?
  • What bearing does Izzy’s childhood have on her adult life?
  • What does the way Heath deals with the environmental issues facing farmers today reveal about his character?

The Shifting Light Alice Campion

The book that was written by a book club!The Shifting Light is a riveting rural novel of family intrigue, love and suspense, from the authors of The Painted Sky.

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