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If everyone is keeping secrets, how will she know who to trust?

You never forget your first love. 18 years ago, Olivia learned to live without Sean Kenyon.

She moved on, building a life with her husband Richmond and their two children in the picturesque town Kesterley-on-Sea.

But when Sean unexpectedly appears on Olivia’s doorstep, her world is turned upside down once more.

As old feelings resurface, and new truths come to light, Olivia finds herself questioning everything.

Is her husband really the person she thought he was?

The past and present collide, and Olivia must uncover the truth before it’s too late.

But if everyone is keeping secrets, how will she know who to trust?



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  • Paperback


    March 5, 2019


    368 pages

    RRP $19.99

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    August 9, 2018

    Cornerstone Digital

    368 pages

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Chapter One


I was sixteen when Sean Kenyon came into my life; he was twenty-two. I suppose it seemed quite a big age difference to some, but not to us. We knew right away that something special was happening between us, and even my parents were soon drawn into the magic of it.

The first time I saw him, my friend Andrea – we call her Andee – and I were walking along one of the jetties at the marina here in Kesterly. We’d just finished school for the summer and were due for our first sailing lesson with the new instructor everyone was talking about. We were excited, apprehensive, all the things you’d imagine of girls our age embarking on a new adventure. I’m sure I saw him first, but Andee says she did. It doesn’t matter; what I can tell you for certain is that suddenly there he was, leaping from the deck of a sailboat to land in front of us, all six foot two of him with the kind of aura, or presence, or just drop-dead good looks, that halted us in our tracks. His fair hair was thick, wind-mussed, and tangled around his neck; he was hard-muscled and tanned, and his face looked as though it had been carved by someone who adored him. I could give you all the usual clichés, such as he took my breath away, made my knees go weak, set my pulses racing, because I’m sure they all happened. Andee summed it up well when she whispered to me, ‘Wow, a real-life dreamboat.’

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