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A spell-binding action thriller, featuring a time-travelling hero and a mission to save the world.

A spell-binding action thriller, featuring a time-travelling hero and a mission to save the world.

It's the adventure of a lifetime...

The Dead Sea Scrolls have revealed a stunning secret - an Overseer must cross generations to save the world. Time itself is moving too quickly, with each day becoming shorter than the last. Society is unravelling and no one is safe.

Helena Capriarty fears she is losing her mind. She has an inexplicable psychic connection with a man she has never met. To prove her sanity she must find this stranger, chasing him across the globe to some of the most mysterious and ancient sites on earth: monuments that hold a secret power.

All the while, the forces of opposition lie in wait for the Overseer. And with wrong move, history - and the future that follows it - is condemned to disaster.

So begins the quest to rectify the Schumann Frequency.


A terrific read. What a page turner. It’s damned exciting and will take you on an adventure that covers the world and crosses generations to boot. I promise you’ll be on the edge of your seat.

Daily Telegraph

Brownesque in intent, an adventure thriller about an extraordinary man sent from the future.

The Australian

A fast-paced, riveting and gripping debut novel. Dan Brown, Michael Crichton and Clive Cussler...move over for Christopher Ride.

Noosa Style

Sci-fi crossed with Raiders of the Lost Ark. It’s an exhilarating, riveting and rollicking good adventure. A series of heart-stopping, action-packed episodes, finally culminating in a dramatic finale. One of the best darn endings I’ve read in a long while.

Sunshine Coast Daily

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Formats & editions

  • Paperback


    January 1, 2009

    Bantam Australia

    544 pages

    RRP $14.99

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