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The story Barry Carter and his mates in Ridley Road are building a four-man giant skateboard.

The Story
Barry Carter and his mates in Ridley Road are building a four-man giant skateboard. When Barry takes their creation for its first spin he is nearly run down by a young man with green spiky hair driving a VW beetle.
This unknown man turns out to be the new tenant moving into the house at the end of the road. And so the mystery begins. His behaviour intrigues the four boys. He has a chair strapped to the roof of his car and startling flashes of light are seen coming from the house. Why is he so illusive? What are the strange shadows that drift across the windows at night? The children yearn to know the truth but nothing can prepare them for what they eventually discover and reveal.

The Author
Phil Cummings' understanding of the way the youngest readers see the world and talk about it has made him one of Australia's most successful picture book writers. Angel was his first novel, and he brought to it the same warmth and humour, the same power of observation and authentic language that have made him so appealing to younger readers. A Piece of Mind, his latest novel for Random House, builds on the strengths of Angel and takes his storytelling skills even further.

Sales Points
* An author that kids' love to read
* an award-winning author:
His first picture book Goodness Gracious! illustrated by Craig Smith was voted a Pick Of The Lists by the American Bookseller and Publisher.
Surfing The Mudgiewallop Pool was shortlisted for the CROW awards (S.A. children's choice awards) in 1997.
In 1998 Angel was the winner in the CROW awards.
Awarded the prestigious Carclew Fellowship at the Adelaide Festival of Arts Literary awards in 1998.

Formats & editions

  • Paperback


    February 4, 2000

    Random House Australia Children's

    152 pages

    RRP $14.99

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  • EBook


    October 26, 2011

    Random House Australia

    152 pages

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