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  • Published: 21 May 2019
  • ISBN: 9781787460171
  • Imprint: Arrow
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 544
  • RRP: $22.99

The President is Missing

The political thriller of the decade

The thriller only a President could write.


The President is missing.

The world is in shock.

Terrorists are planning a devastating attack. And they have help from traitors inside the White House.

The only thing standing in their way is a President determined to save his people.

Even if it means putting himself in mortal danger . . .

  • Published: 21 May 2019
  • ISBN: 9781787460171
  • Imprint: Arrow
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 544
  • RRP: $22.99

About the authors

President Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was elected president of the United States in 1992 and served two terms. After leaving the White House, he established the Clinton Foundation, which helps improve global health, increase opportunity for girls and women, reduce childhood obesity and preventable diseases, create economic opportunity and growth, and address the effects of climate change. He is the author of a number of non-fiction works, including My Life, which was a number one international bestseller. With James Patterson, he is co-author of the number one international bestselling novel The President is Missing.

James Patterson

JAMES PATTERSON is one of the best-known and biggest-selling writers of all time. His books have sold in excess of 375 million copies worldwide. He is the author of some of the most popular series of the past two decades – the Alex Cross, Women’s Murder Club, Detective Michael Bennett and Private novels – and he has written many other number one bestsellers including romance novels and stand-alone thrillers.

James is passionate about encouraging children to read. Inspired by his own son who was a reluctant reader, he also writes a range of books for young readers, including the Middle School, I Funny, Treasure Hunters, House of Robots, Confessions, and Maximum Ride series. James has donated millions in grants to independent bookshops and has been the most borrowed author of adult fiction in UK libraries for the past eleven years in a row. He lives in Florida with his wife and son.

Praise for The President is Missing

The dream team delivers big time … Clinton’s insider secrets and Patterson’s storytelling genius make this the political thriller of the decade.

Lee Child

A bullet train of a thriller. The Day of the Jackal for the twenty-first century.

A.J. Finn, author of THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW

Relentless in its plotting and honest in its examination of issues that strike close to our hearts.

Jeffery Deaver

A first-rate collaboration from a couple of real pros! Engrossing from page one.

David Baldacci

vivid, engrossing – and authentically frightening.

Carl Hiaasen, author of RAZOR GIRL

The President is Missing is more than a thriller – it's a skeleton key that lets you inside the head of a U.S. president.

Brad Meltzer, author of THE ESCAPE ARTIST

The President Is Missing is a big, splashy juggernaut of a novel, combining thrills with a truly authentic look at the inner happenings in Washington. I read it in one gulp. You will too.

Harlan Coben, #1 bestselling author of DON'T LET GO

From the pens of two American icons comes a political thriller that rocks... a helluva story.

Nelson DeMille, author of THE CUBAN AFFAIR

Marry the political savvy of Bill Clinton with the craftsmanship of James Patterson and you get a fabulously entertaining thriller that is meticulous in its portrayal of Washington politics, gripping in its pacing, and harrowing in its depiction of the perils of cyberwarfare. This dark tale is, at bottom, a warning and a prophecy about the mortal threats to our democracy posed by terrorists abroad, homegrown extremism, and the technological miracles that have rendered us both powerful and defenceless at once.

Ron Chernow, #1 bestselling and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of ALEXANDER HAMILTON and GRANT

The President Is Missing is heart-pounding, gripping, terrifying. As I read, ferociously turning the pages, I kept asking myself, "Could this really happen?" Bill Clinton’s insight into the pressures of being president and life in the White House coupled with James Patterson’s chops as an action writer have combined to give us a genuinely masterful thriller. My knuckles are still white!

Louise Penny, #1 bestselling author of GLASS HOUSES

Hotly anticipated

Radio Times

The plotting is immaculate… the writing is taut

Josh Glancy, Sunday Times

A writing team like no other

Rebecca Jones, BBC Breakfast

A high-octane collaboration... the addictive qualities are undeniable

Daily Telegraph

Good twists


Page-turning… In a plot crammed with twists, readers are granted thriller writing that delivers… Nobody will walk away from The President Is Missing feeling disappointed if they are looking for a vigorous, fast-moving thriller that takes the reader into the corridors of power

Barry Forshaw, i newspaper

A brilliant read

Ross King, ITV

A showstopper… if you like thrillers and you like American politics, you’re going to love this book... You feel the authenticity of the two writers writing hand in glove... It’s a cracker

Ryan Tubridy, RTE

Difficult to put down

Daily Express

The book’s biggest selling point is the guarantee of political authenticity… the kite-mark of unmatchable psychological veracity… The eventual revelation of the villain, which is satisfying and surprising, really does feel like the outcome of a conversation between one writer with an unusual skill at thriller plotting and another with an exceptional grasp of global politics. The literary running mates have earned a second term.

The Guardian

The political thriller of the year

The Sun

The publishing event of the year… a White House thriller of unique insight

World of Cruising magazine

The book is action all the way, and feels incredibly true to life


An entertaining romp… thoroughly enjoyable… it works. It is a quick, slick, gripping read

The Times

Twisty plotting


Could I put The President Is Missing down? Of course not, except when I absolutely had to

Yahoo! Finance

Intriguing… you’ll whip through it on the beach, that’s for sure

Press Association

Enough pacy action and fun to keep those pages turning

Sunday Mirror

Fast-paced, frenetic action and fun

Sunday People

What gives the book the edge is Clinton’s input. Small throwaway touches… make the whole thing feel authentic

The Pool

Fast-paced and well-engineered… Clinton’s input is well deployed on the White House insider scenes, and… Patterson can tell a story

Financial Times

Patterson [is the] master of the gripping page-turner, terse writing and masterly plotting ... Patterson’s brilliance makes it very exciting … the book scores high on the authenticity scale

Judy Finnigan, Daily Express

Patterson can tell a story

Adam LeBor

James… is a tireless champion of the power of books

Natasha Harding, The Sun

Patterson knows how to make a story go so fast…

Jake Kerridge, Daily Express

[A] ripping yarn… Co-author James Patterson is one of the biggest-selling writers of all time so unsurprisingly the unfolding and convergence of [President] Duncan and [assassin] Bach’s plotlines is achieved with consummate skill

Jake Kerridge, Sunday Express

[It] will keep you hooked until the last page


We really enjoyed this brilliant political thriller


The perfect book for the beach.

Daily Mail

The most authentic, gripping presidential thriller ever.


The perfect book for the beach: a big, fast-paced, twisty engrossing thriller packed with spectacular detail of what it is really like to be President of the United States.

Daily Mail Ireland

Both a first-rate thriller and fascinating insight into the goings on within the White House.

Trucker magazine

Fast-paced is too inadequate a description for this dark, suspense-filled tale.


A brilliant, tricksy first chapter… unmistakably shows that their partnership worksThe President Is Missing enthrallingly interweaves a cyber-thriller, a Homeland-style battle against jihadi terrorism and a find-the-mole hunt à la Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – and it has aspects of a Cold War geopolitical thriller, too… To paraphrase Katherine Hepburn on Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Bill gives James class and James gives Bill sexed-up plotting

Sunday Times

A page-turner from start to finish

The People's Friend

A high-tension thriller ... Bill Clinton’s insider perspective and James Patterson’s pacy plotting combine to irresistibly page-turning effect.’

Jane Shilling, Daily Mail

Insightful and gripping

Good Living (ASDA)

A top-notch thriller.


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Exclusive Interview: President Bill Clinton and I discuss the THE PRESIDENT IS MISSING – the most gripping and surprising thriller in years. Pre-order now: http://bit.ly/2pMh9Rv

The President is Missing

The countdown to 4 June, the publication day of THE PRESIDENT IS MISSING, is now on! President Bill Clinton has partnered with James Patterson for a powerful, one-of-a-kind thriller filled with the kind of insider details that only a President can know! Learn more - https://www.penguin.com.au/books/the-president-is-missing-9781780898407