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About the book
  • Published: 31 October 2012
  • ISBN: 9781448149933
  • Imprint: Cornerstone Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 384

The Future Of Money

The global money system no longer works; we need a serious overhaul of money - and of our attitude towards it.


Based on the four mega-trends of monetary instability, global greying (an ageing global population), the information revolution, and climate change, Bernard Lietaer looks at different scenarios of what the world might be like in 2020.

The Corporate Millennium: governments are disbanded, central banks become irrelevant and the world is run with Big Brother control by huge companies with their own currencies.

CARING COMMUNITIES: after a monetary crash, people retreat into small, self-sustaining communities, like tribes.

HELL ON EARTH: in which the breakdown of life as we know it is followed by a highly individualistic free-for-all, resulting in an ever more obscene gulf between rich and poor.

SUSTAINABLE ABUNDANCE: envisages a world where we take better care of the environment, re-engage the poor and the unemployed in mainstream society and give back time and fulfilment to the over-worked, while providing the elderly with a high level of personal care.

A society of sustainable abundance is achievable - but only if we are willing to re-think our money system and use money innovations that have already proven effective somewhere in the world today.

  • Pub date: 31 October 2012
  • ISBN: 9781448149933
  • Imprint: Cornerstone Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 384

About the Author

Bernard Lietaer

Bernard Lietaer has worked at the heart of the money system, in national and international banking and finance for the last 30 years, both within it, and as an academic. His experience ranges from his work as a senior executive in a major European bank, creating and managing one of the most successful Investment Funds, through to holding Professorships at Universities in Europe and the United States. His vast range of experience and knowledge of global money systems and how they work has made him one of the world's foremost financial visionaries. As a senior Central Bank executive in Belgium Bernard Lietaer was involved firsthand in the design and implementation of the ECU, the convergence mechanism for the European single currency. In 1989, Business Week named him the world's top currency trader, when he was General Manager and Currency Trader for the Gaia Hedge Funds.

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Praise for The Future Of Money

“Read this thoughtful, penetrating, readable book and you'll understand how profoundly present monetary systems and the people who control them affect your life”

Dee Hock, Founder and CEO Emeritus, VISA International

“Exciting, challenging and profound; a unique and essential contribution to our understanding of money.”

Dr. Peter Russell, author of The Global Brain Awakens

“This is an important breakthrough in the emerging new economics ofsustainability and human wellbeing.”

Ed Mayo, President, the New Economics Foundation

“I thoroughly disagree with it.”

The Rt. Hon. John Redwood, MP

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