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About the book
  • Published: 28 February 2013
  • ISBN: 9781448176717
  • Imprint: Ebury Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 320

The End Of The Line

Now in paperback, this highly acclaimed book looks at the disastrous impact of overfishing, and how it will change your life

We have reached a pivotal moment for fishing, with seventy-five percent of the world's fish stocks either fully exploited or overfished. If nothing is done to stop the squandering of fish stocks the life of the oceans will face collapse and millions of people could starve.

Fish is the aspirational food for Western society, the healthy, weight-conscious choice, but those who eat and celebrate fish often ignore the fact that the fishing industry, although as technologically advanced as space travel, has an attitude to conservation 10,000 years out of date. Trawling on an industrial scale in the North Sea takes 16 lbs of dead marine animals to produce just 1lb of sole. Regulation isn't working, fishermen must cheat or lose money, dolphins and other wildlife (seabirds, turtles, sharks) are killed unnecessarily and fish stocks are collapsing despite the warnings.

The End of the Line looks at the problem and proves that we, as consumers, have to change if the situation is to improve.

  • Pub date: 28 February 2013
  • ISBN: 9781448176717
  • Imprint: Ebury Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 320

About the Author

Charles Clover

Charles Clover has been Environment Editor of the Daily Telegraph for a number of years. He has been three-times winner of the National journalist category of British Environment and Media Awards. He lives with his family in Essex.

Praise for The End Of The Line

“A blazingly powerful indictment”

Sunday Telegraph

“It is a rare book that changes one's life, even in a small way ... Charles Clover has written a shocking book about the effects of industrial fishing”

Andrew Marr, Start the Week, Radio 4

“Anyone with the slightest interest in where our fish comes from, and the devastating effects of our voracious appetite for it, should read this”

Tom Parker-Bowles, Mail on Sunday

“Devastating - a succinct and powerful crash course on the pressing environmental issues surrounding fish that should send consumer awareness soaring”

Daily Mail

“Entertaining, outrageous and a must-read for anyone who cares about the sea and its denizens”

Times Higher Educational Supplement

“Hugely important book”

BBC Wildlife

“This is an issue which needs populist exposure. Clover has done it admirably - a brilliant exposition”

Owen Paterson MP, The Spectator

“Anyone who loves to eat fish will be fascinated, appalled and challenged by this book”

John Gummer, Country Life

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