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  • Published: 6 August 2021
  • ISBN: 9781787630895
  • Imprint: Bantam Press
  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 256
  • RRP: $46.99

Taking on Gravity

A Guide to Inventing the Impossible from the Man Who Learned to Fly

An entertaining and inspiring guide to innovation from 'Real-Life Iron Man', Richard Browning, inventor of the world's first jet-powered flying suit.

**As seen on Top Gear**

For fans of Adrian Newey, Guy Martin and Chris Hadfield, in Taking on Gravity inventor Richard Browning tells the inspiring story behind his iconic jet suit, and shares his creative principles for generating true innovation.

From Icarus to Iron Man, the dream of human flight has always inspired and challenged us. Now, with his pioneering jet suit, Richard Browning has redefined what is possible.

Richard Browning's story is one of groundbreaking innovation. Building an aviation business from his garage, he has invented a whole new form of personal flight - a fantasy previously reserved for the pages of science fiction. His iconic jet suit has captured the imaginations of millions around the world, triggered ongoing developments in technology and engineering, and inspired a new generation of creative minds to pursue their dreams.

In Taking on Gravity, Browning reveals the creative principles of his multimillion-pound company, Gravity Industries, and shows us how grass-roots innovation can disrupt established industries in exciting and unexpected ways. On this journey into the sky we'll experience what it's like to take flight, to test the limits of the human body, and to convert moonshot ideas into tangible results.

The Gravity story is an inspiring example of human creativity and our ceaseless desire to push the boundaries of what is possible. Where we go next is up to you.

  • Published: 6 August 2021
  • ISBN: 9781787630895
  • Imprint: Bantam Press
  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 256
  • RRP: $46.99

About the author

Richard Browning

Richard Browning is the founder of human propulsion technology start-up Gravity Industries Ltd, which he officially launched in March 2017 after inventing, building and patenting an ‘Iron Man-like’ flight system, the Daedalus flight suit.

A former Royal Marine reservist, Richard worked on a number of innovations and new technologies at BP before becoming involved in several start-ups, including a solar project in Kenya, lighting schools via reconditioning old car batteries.

His passion for flight and his vision for Gravity are inspired by his father, an aeronautical engineer and inventor.

Praise for Taking on Gravity

Richard Browning is a real-life Tony Stark.


Like afterburner in the veins! Inspires you to rethink the impossible.

Tucker “Cinco” Hamilton, F-35 Test Pilot

Learning how to leave the ground in Richard's invention felt like every dream I’ve had of flying.

Adam Savage

Browning has made it his life’s mission to put man in the air. Extraordinary.

Daily Mail

The king of the rocket men.

Red Bull

This daredevil is clearly on fire. Rocket man Richard Browning leaves a trail of sparks behind him.

The Mirror

No one embodies the spirit of adventure like Richard Browning

Craig Glenday, Guinness World Records

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