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Get ready for the greatest battle of all time!

Get ready for the greatest battle of all time!

In the Edo Period of Japan, two teams fight for supremacy – the serious samurai and the scheming ninjas. To determine who is the best, a deadly contest is held. The prize is the Golden Egg, the most magnificent treasure in all of Japan. But when the ninjas cheat, the samurai will stop at nothing to get revenge.

Tighten your topknot and sharpen your sword – the Samurai vs Ninja battle is about to begin!


While written in a fashion that will draw in those newly independent readers there is a great opportunity to expand vocabulary including some Japanese language – ably explained in a glossary at the end of each book . . . These are exactly the sorts of stories that could be the basis of some creative writing.

Sue Warren, OZTL_NET

Aside from its entertainment value, the Samurai vs Ninja series also has educational elements. In between insults and fart jokes, Falk and Flowers use actual Japanese terms and provide a glossary with them at the end of their stories – children will learn how to call each other an ugly pig (mink-u-i buta) or an idiot (baka). So if your children are in the six years age bracket and love action and a good laugh, the Samurai vs Ninja series is right up their alley.

Anya Whitelaw, The Western Advocate

Capitalising on the craze for things Japanese as manga-type stories permeate through to our youngest readers, this is an energetic, fast-moving series that will capture the imaginations of younger readers who are ready for independent reading but still need the support of short text and illustrations which are integral to that text.

Barbara Braxton, OZTL_NET

The inclusion of Japanese terms adds meaning and depth to an otherwise plainly funny take on the actions of ancient warriors in a historical and cultural setting. This is an ideal book for independent early readers, and particularly those who love a good prank.

Romi Sharp, Reading Time

In short this series is hilarious. The characters are good and bad, clever and stupid, selfish and team-spirited. It is great fun to read aloud and the class of year one students who were my audience for the readings begged for more every time. It is great fun to listen to and the drawings had the students in fits of giggles as I read. It is not often that such engaging, high quality literature comes along for this age group of children.

Robyn English, Australian Literacy Educators' Association

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    April 1, 2015

    Random House Australia Children's

    96 pages

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    April 1, 2015

    Random House Australia

    96 pages

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