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Ruby Tanya
About the book
  • Published: 30 September 2011
  • ISBN: 9781448100187
  • Imprint: RHCP Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 256

Ruby Tanya

A highly topical and thoroughly entertaining thriller about tolerance and hate.

This is a contemporary tale about two friends - one of whom, Asra, is an asylum seeker from an unnamed Eastern European country. The other, Ruby Tanya, is the daughter of a local man who is campaigning against the presence of asylum seekers in his community. During a dramatic explosion at the girls' school, a young teacher is killed. The asylum seekers at the local camp are blamed, and local people begin to argue that they should be deported. A branch of the National Front gets involved and demos are planned. Asra and her parents are due to be deported, but Asra runs away at the last minute so her parents have to return without her. She hides in a nearby derelict building and is helped by Ruby Tanya.

  • Pub date: 30 September 2011
  • ISBN: 9781448100187
  • Imprint: RHCP Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 256

About the Author

Robert Swindells

ROBERT SWINDELLS left school at fifteen to work on a local newspaper. At seventeen, he joined the RAF for three years, then trained and worked as a teacher. He went on to become the author of a number of bestselling titles for the Random House children's list, and in 1994 he won the Carnegie Medal for STONE COLD.

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Praise for Ruby Tanya

“Provides a gently persuasive argument for doing the right thing even if that leads you into conflict with your family”


“The book opens with an explosion and maintains its pace throughout”


“The subject is very relevant today and Swindell's approach for younger readers is superbly formed”

Independent On Sunday

“The plot moves quickly, building to a gripping and frightening climax . . . An interesting read”

The School Librarian

“Is a challenging story of friendship set against difficult and topical subject matter”

The Sunday Times

“This is a brave and successful attempt to help readers understand a complex, topical situation in our real world”

The Bookseller

“Thought-provoking book with sensitivity, wit and warmth . . . Its admirable message comes wrapped in a fast-paced and exciting adventure story populated with well-rounded characters”

Irish Times

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