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Article  •  3 January 2017


What not to expect

Understand your brain to better understand your body.

By bringing the latest discoveries in brain science to the field of weight management, Dr Helena Popovic’s book NeuroSlimming can help set you free from dieting, struggling, worrying, wishing, craving and emotional eating. ‘NeuroSlimming means using your brain to heal your body,’ writes Dr Popovic. ‘You can rewire your brain to process food differently and create the body you want. You can turn subconscious behaviours that have made you unhappy about your body into habits that lead to lightening your load – and keeping it off for good.’

So, how does it work? To get a grasp of what NeuroSlimming is, it’s helpful to understand what it’s not. Straight from the pages of the book, here Dr Popovic outlines exactly what not to expect from NeuroSlimming.

NeuroSlimming is not about calorie restriction, exercise, motivation, mindset, willpower or positive psychology. These things all play a role but NeuroSlimming goes much deeper into the very essence of how brain cells communicate with each other and with the rest of the body to influence appetite, assimilation of food, metabolism, weight set-point and body fat distribution. NeuroSlimming examines how thoughts and emotions drive the choices, behaviours and bodily functions that influence health and body weight. NeuroSlimming uses specific ways of thinking to stimulate brain circuits that lead to slimming.

No amount of willpower or meal planning will result in sustainable slimming unless the signals your brain is sending to your body to maintain your current weight are changed. There has been an emphasis on diet and exercise for decades but obesity is still on the rise.

The brain is the body’s control centre. Every part of the body follows the instructions, directions and signals sent out by the brain. It doesn’t matter if you have a slow metabolism, a genetic predisposition to retaining fat, or a frenetic lifestyle that lends itself to VAT [visceral adipose tissue] gain. It doesn’t matter if you have no idea why you haven’t achieved your desired body because NeuroSlimming addresses the underlying source of the issue and provides you with a Mind Plan not a meal plan.

Just as the brain is the largest sexual organ, it is also the largest slimming organ — and it has been ignored by the entire weight loss industry. That’s why nothing to date has led to long-term success.

NeuroSlimming is about brain, not brawn.

NeuroSlimming is about exploring inner space, not outer space.

NeuroSlimming is about feeding your spirit, not starving your body.

NeuroSlimming Helena Popovic

Let your brain change your body

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