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Could Spyforce possibly be real? Max Remy is about to find out what it takes to be a Superspy . . .

Could Spyforce possibly be real? Max Remy is about to find out what it takes to be a Superspy . . .

Max Remy is twelve and hates almost everything except superspy Alex Crane, a fictitious character Max has invented who works for a secret spy agency called Spyforce. When Max is sent off to the bush to spend time with her aunt and uncle, she arrives with an attitude and a determination to have a bad time. How can she possibly hope to emulate Alex Crane and become a superspy on a boring old farm?

But then Max's uncle's shed explodes (just as Linden, the boy next door, is saving Max from sinking into a cowpat-filled dam), and Max discovers that her aunt and uncle are not quite what they seem – In fact, they are world-famous scientists working on a Time and Space Machine that will change the world!!!

Before long, Max and Linden are caught up in a thrilling adventure involving the real Spyforce (and some all-too-real baddies) which will challenge their bravery, invention and superspying abilities.


The two titles so far are action packed, comic speed reads … Readers will no doubt enjoy the science eccentrics and fantastic gizmos that are crammed into the plot … I’ve no doubt that youngsters will devour these books in single sittings and look forward to every new title that will inevitably come our way.

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I enjoyed it immensely. Congratulations Deb Abela, you're on a winning series with Max Remy Superspy!

Geoffrey McSkimming

I thought it was a mystery and suspenseful and it made us laugh a lot.

Chelsea (age 6), Blake (age 9) and Nathan (age 11)

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Formats & editions

  • Paperback


    March 1, 2002

    Random House Australia Children's

    256 pages

    RRP $16.99

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  • EBook


    June 1, 2011

    Random House Australia

    256 pages

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