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The best of Marian Keyes and Richard Osman

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The best books by Marian Keyes and Richard Osman, 'the king and queen of popular fiction.'

Marian Keyes published her first novel in 1995; Richard Osman published his in 2020.

Her latest book tells the story of an old flame returning, while his centres around stolen diamonds and a killer on the loose.

So, what do these two authors have in common? Dubbed ‘the king and queen of popular fiction’ by The Guardian, these two bestselling novelists are massive mainstream favourites, and it seems they’re only on the up and up. Though the two differ in every way from stature to writing style, the two authors are friends and fans of each other’s work. And there’s no shortage of fans; between the two, this pair has several bestsellers to affirm the widespread love and adoration of their writing.

You don’t go to Keyes or Osman for grit or gore. In an unlikely meeting of romantic comedy and comic crime, they have each created a feelgood fictional universe, made real by moments of sorrow and tenderness.

- Lisa Allardice for The Guardian

Don’t know where to start? Check out some of the best books by the duo below.