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Our bestselling books in 2017.

There's no arguing with the numbers, these were our biggest books for 2017. Featuring one cookbook, three crime thrillers, four children's titles and three books that have recently been adapted for TV/film; if you haven’t read these books yet, make sure you grab a copy to add to the top of your ‘must read’ pile.

More Book Lists

Feast Your Eyes

Graphic novels: colouring some of our greatest stories in two dimensions.

Bird is the Word

Books that celebrate the splendour of our feathered friends.

Home Truths

Four recent stories from steadfast interrogator of humanity’s greatest conflicts, Tom Keneally.

Vamped and Revamped

Enter perpetual darkness, and the realm of the vampire.

Lights, Camera, Action

Behind-the-scenes stories, spoilers and scandals from the sets of our favourite films and television shows.

Dreaming Awake

Surrealism on a sliding scale – five shades of Haruki Murakami.