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About the book
  • Published: 21 April 2016
  • ISBN: 9781473518698
  • Imprint: Cornerstone Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 240

It's All Going Wonderfully Well

An honest and beautiful memoir of a daughter’s love for her father, the actor Bob Hoskins

'Will resonate with any bereaved reader' Daily Mail
'A heart-warming memoir' OK

‘Laugh. There’s humour to be found everywhere, even in your darkest days there’s something to joke about. Laugh long and loud and make other people laugh. It’s good for you.

Whatever you do, always give it a good go. Don’t be afraid of failure and disappointment. If you fall flat on your face then get straight back up. You’ll always regret not trying. Disappointment is temporary; regret is forever.

Love with all your heart. In the end, love is the only thing that matters.’

These were just some of the lessons that Rosa’s dad, Bob Hoskins, taught her. In the years following his death, they are words that she keeps close to her heart.

Remembering the times they shared together and featuring interviews with those who knew and worked with her dad – including Judi Dench, Ray Winstone and Robert Zemeckis – IT’S ALL GOING WONDERFULLY WELL is a revealing portrait of one of the country’s best-loved actors, and a moving story of a close bond between father and daughter.

  • Pub date: 21 April 2016
  • ISBN: 9781473518698
  • Imprint: Cornerstone Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 240

About the Author

Rosa Hoskins

Rosa Hoskins is the daughter of Bob Hoskins and grew up hanging out on movie sets with her dad. She is a writer and actress and has worked as an editor and stylist as well as writing screenplays and producing for TV and film. She also runs a blog called Haute Hoskins. www.hautehoskins.com

Praise for It's All Going Wonderfully Well

“Rosa's raw account of Hoskin's bravery in the face of Parkinson's, and her own struggle to accept his death, will resonate with any bereaved reader”

Daily Mail

“[A] heart-warming memoir … A moving story about growing up and the close bond between a father and daughter.”


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