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A fresh approach to parenting that will get results for you and your kids.

A fresh approach to parenting that will get results for you and your kids.

Everyone belongs to a tribe. It is not just the football club or the mothers’ group, in a world powered by the instant accessibility of the internet there are many different tribes catering for every aspect of your life. Navigating those tribes is a tricky business. It takes leadership, and the first tribe we learn this from is our family.

Parenting can be hard - especially if you may have been finding it challenging to ‘read the book’ that is your child. It takes intention, attention and action . . . planning, persistence, and practice, practice, practice.

So, what does it mean for YOU to be a parent? What is your intention as a parent? How will you fulfill this? What do you commit to do? What is your First step?

Taking a good look at her own family Yvonne Sum identified seven foundation stones of successful parenting, the 7R's of parenting. Each one is fully explored and explained in Intentional Parenting, and together they are the basis of leading your family tribe.

The 7R's are all lessons that are equally applicable in business. But, unlike a leader in a giant corporation, you cannot sack your family and, unlike many businesses today, you are highly invested in their future success. Together that is the carrot and the stick of investing time in developing your leadership role for the benefit of the family.

Intentional parenting is a journey that begins with your conscious decision to become a leader and a PLAYPAL to your family. I simply love the perspectives learnt from my children and those I meet on my parenting journey, and what I pass on along the way. Dr Yvonne Sum

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    February 1, 2013

    Doubleday Australia

    256 pages

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    February 1, 2013

    Random House Australia

    256 pages

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