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  • Published: 15 September 2020
  • ISBN: 9781405942423
  • Imprint: Michael Joseph
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 480
  • RRP: $22.99

How to Disappear

The gripping psychological thriller with an ending that will take your breath away

The stunning new psychological thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of No Further Questions and The Evidence Against You

Lauren is so proud of Zara.

Her teenage daughter witnessed a terrible crime, but she came forward in spite of her fear. Spoke up. Did the right thing.

Then Zara testifies, giving evidence that will help put two murderers behind bars.

And in that moment, Lauren realizes that her daughter is lying.

What lengths will Lauren go to keep her family together?

  • Published: 15 September 2020
  • ISBN: 9781405942423
  • Imprint: Michael Joseph
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 480
  • RRP: $22.99

About the author

Gillian McAllister

Gillian McAllister has been writing for as long as she can remember. She graduated with an English degree and lives in Birmingham, where she now works as a lawyer. Her debut novel Everything But The Truth was a Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller. You can find her on Twitter @gillianmauthor.

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Praise for How to Disappear

Addictive, clever, twisty


Praise for Gillian McAllister


An exceptional thriller with a thumping, emotional heart


As tense as a piano string

Sunday Times

One of the best courtroom dramas I've ever read

Cara Hunter

I read it in a breathless day and a half. I loved every page

Lisa Jewell

I loved this gripping and thought-provoking read

B. A. Paris

Tense, compelling, with a clever grand reveal

Daily Mail

Kept me glued to every page

Good Housekeeping

Brilliantly written

Fiona Barton

A thrilling mystery with a strong emotional heart

Woman & Home

Gripping, cleverly-constructed, and heart-wrenching. Truly original

Paula Daly

Intelligent. Compulsive. Heart-wrenching. Unforgettable

Jane Corry

Ingeniously constructed, with real flesh-and-blood characters and cliff-hanging suspense

Louise Candlish

An exceptional debut

Clare Mackintosh

A clever and original thriller with a brilliant ending. Beautifully written and emotional as well as tense and unpredictable, I couldn't put it down.

Claire Douglas

I couldn't look away from this intricate and spellbinding exploration of the devastating ripples that spread from a terrible crime. The desperate and dangerous slippery slope that one family finds themselves on is as gut punching as it is believable. Whip smart and wonderfully written.

Holly Seddon

I read How to Disappear with my heart in my mouth. Beautiful, layered, suffocating, with an impossible love story at its heart.

Lia Louis

At its core, this tense page-turner is a deeply original love story, and its characters are so warm and real that they stole my heart. I was absolutely gripped by Lauren, Aidan and Zara's story - rarely have I read a novel so fast.

Beth O'Leary

Totally addictive: clever, convincing and ingeniously plotted with twists that repeatedly pulled the rug from under my feet. But more than that, How to Disappear is peopled with characters so real and relatable you feel you could reach out and touch them. Any crime writer can keep you turning the pages - but few can make you care this much.

Erin Kelly

Tense and brilliant. If anyone's found expired with a copy of it lying next to them, it'll be because they flat-out forgot to breathe. This is her best book yet

Jill Mansell

A totally gripping and heart-wrenching story that leaves you breathless. Her best book yet, and that's saying something

Jane Fallon

If Jodi Picoult wrote psychological thrillers, they would look like this. A compulsive read with a jaw-dropping twist, I read it in a day

Rosamund Lupton

A highly original novel about witness protection that is tense and compelling with a great ending. Her best yet!

Mark Edwards

Bravo! How to Disappear is undoubtedly her best yet. Gripping and emotional - a cracking read.

Clare Mackintosh

Some thrillers stage a few moments of high anxiety (at best); more thrillers simply sprinkle jitters here and there, like piano ditties peppered lightly with minor chords. But How to Disappear is a relentless drumroll of suspense, a knife-edge novel in which - at any moment, with any word, in the spaces between words - the characters can drop into danger as though falling through a trapdoor. They aren't safe for even an instant . . . and neither is the reader who cares about them (and who couldn't?). Gillian McAllister's rattling, deeply satisfying book ranks among the best psychological-suspense thrillers of recent years, but you'll be reminded too of Jodi Picoult, Liane Moriarty, Celeste Ng's Little Fires Everywhere. Bloody hell, this is a good one.

A. J. Finn

If you read one book this year, make it this one

Adam Croft

I was blown away. Being forced to consider the reality of life under witness protection, of family members having to make impossible, brutal choices, was heartbreaking. I think it will resonate with many people. It's an outstanding and utterly gripping novel that deserves to be a bestseller

Emma Curtis

High tension, believable characters and a terrific plot. A truly riveting read

Lesley Kara

A clever, compulsive, cat-and-mouse family thriller that made my heart race. Never ever, would I want to go into a witness protection programme after this. Absolutely brilliant

Jane Corry

Utterly compelling, addictive and gripping; the best psychological thriller I've read this year

Lucy Clarke

Gillian McAllister has done it again. How to Disappear is a captivating story with unforgettable characters. This is one you can't put down and you won't soon forget

Samantha Downing

My goodness, it's brilliant. The ending blew me away! A superb, tense and thrilling ride. I admit I stayed up far too late to finish it, but it was so worth it

Melanie Golding

Tense, twisty and perfectly paced, How To Disappear is a compelling portrait of a family under unbearable pressure - where one false step invites disaster into all their lives

T. M. Logan

Included in 'The Hottest Summer Reads'


The author's best book yet


This intricately plotted drama is a masterclass in taut, twisty but beautiful writing


This intricately plotted drama is a masterclass in taut, twisty but beautiful writing


Another brilliant psychological thriller from Gillian McAllister


Included in 'Book Club'

Woman's Weekly

Intense, utterly believable and at times shocking, it will make you see the world - even one in confinement - through new eyes

WI Life

This book explores just how brutal witness protection can be, and the choices people involved must make

Woman's Own

A rollercoaster that will leave you gasping and turning the pages for more


McAllister ratchets up the tension to excellent effect in this addictive page-turner

Connaught Telegraph

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