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  • Published: 5 December 2023
  • ISBN: 9781785044489
  • Imprint: Vermilion
  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 320
  • RRP: $36.99

How to Argue With a Meat Eater (And Win Every Time)

Following on from the bestselling This Is Vegan Propaganda, this next book by the incredible vegan activist, educator and influencer, Ed Winters, @earthlinged, helps vegans effortlessly navigate one of the thorniest issues of all - how to argue with a meat eater.

An empowering and deeply informative book – Moby

Challenge their beliefs; change the world

If you are a vegan, you’ll know all too well how provocative it can be – you never know when you’ll be challenged or how. But being able to face down and rebut arguments against veganism is hugely important. Not just because many of the arguments lack substance, but because every interaction provides a pivotal moment to create change.

How to Argue With a Meat Eater will teach you to not only become a skilled debater, sharing the secrets of renowned vegan educator Ed Winters, but it will arm you with powerful facts and insights that will give pause to even the most devout meat eater.

Providing you with the knowledge to become a better conversationalist and critical thinker, and the motivation to create a more ethical, kind and sustainable world, let this book be your guide and inspiration to know that, no matter what the argument, you can win every time.

  • Published: 5 December 2023
  • ISBN: 9781785044489
  • Imprint: Vermilion
  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 320
  • RRP: $36.99

About the author

Ed Winters

Ed Winters is a compassionate activist and vegan educator from the UK, widely known for his viral online content. He is a prolific public speaker who has been invited to schools, universities and businesses across the world. Ed has given speeches at over a third of UK universities and at Ivy league colleges, including as a guest lecturer at Harvard University in 2019 and 2020. He has also spoken at major companies including Google on numerous occasions, Facebook and The Economist.

Ed has also given two TEDx talks that have amassed over 2 million views online. His viral university speech "You Will Never Look at Your Life in the Same Way Again" has 35 million views online."

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Praise for How to Argue With a Meat Eater (And Win Every Time)

An absolute must-read – it shows how we can communicate incredibly emotive topics with confidence and compassion, and provides the reader with indispensable tools to express themselves clearly and persuasively.

Rich Roll

Ed brings a clear and accessible perspective to one of the defining issues of our time, leaving you informed, inspired and empowered.

Dr Gemma Newman, GP and author, MBBCh DRCOG DFSRH MRCGP

An ideal guide to understand the landscape of information (and misinformation) that defines beliefs, attitudes, and norms relating to human-animal relations. Equipped with this book, we might just be able to set some things straight and win more hearts and minds.

Dr Sparsha Saha, Political Scientist

The book animals have been waiting for you to read. A Swiss Army knife for debating.

Alexis Gauthier, Michelin-starred Vegan Chef

Life would have been so much easier if I had had this book when I stopped eating meat 52 years ago. I would have given away lots of copies to my meat-eating friends. If you do still eat meat but aren't sure if there is an ethical justification for doing so, you need to read this book!

Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation and Animal Liberation Now

Ed Winters builds on his groundbreaking debut book with a follow up that couldn’t be more timely or important. How to Argue With a Meat Eater is an empowering and deeply informative book that will leave readers more enriched and knowledgeable about veganism and how to argue effectively about it. Everyone would benefit from reading this book.


For a long time I’ve wondered where Ed finds the patience to consistently engage in conversations with people who disagree with veganism, but in this hyper-connected, social landscape where we will all inevitably confront our antagonists, the ability to listen to challenging opinions and to have respectful discussions are increasingly essential life skills. In this book, Ed explores the strategy, psychology and intellectual curiosity it takes to not only have a productive conversation about animal rights, but to ensure your energy leaves a memorable impact beyond words. From the all-knowing cynic to the wilfully belligerent, Ed has carefully documented every counter-argument to veganism, and provided a thorough but concise, research-based answers. It’s an essential resource for vegans whose last vestige of patience has deserted them. Don’t go home for the holidays without it!

Evanna Lynch - actor and vegan activist