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  • Published: 20 July 2022
  • ISBN: 9780241612880
  • Imprint: Michael Joseph
  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 736
  • RRP: $55.00

Glow: The Plated Prisoner Series Vol 4

The TikTok fantasy sensation that’s sold over half a million copies

The fourth book in The Plated Prisoner series - the 50M view TikTok Dark Fantasy phenomenon

I have burned down the court of King Midas and from those flames, I will rise and wield my own power.
The problem is, the world won't let me.
Because when you turn against a King - everyone turns against you.
But with Slade by my side we will fight the monarchs that come for us.
And if we need to become the villains, then so be it.
Because as long as I live in this world, I won't be used again.
I must be strong. I must be undefeatable. I will shine like the sun - and blind my enemies

  • Published: 20 July 2022
  • ISBN: 9780241612880
  • Imprint: Michael Joseph
  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 736
  • RRP: $55.00

About the author

Raven Kennedy

Raven Kennedy is a California girl born and raised, whose love for books pushed her into creating her own worlds. The Plated Prisoner Series has become an international bestseller, and was inspired by the myth of King Midas. Whether she makes you laugh or cry, Raven hopes to create characters that readers can root for.

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Praise for Glow: The Plated Prisoner Series Vol 4

Praise for The Plated Prisoner Series: This series has stolen my heart, my breath, my regard for anything else. I've never been so immersed in a story before-never read characters that have felt so real. I've cried, laughed, screamed, thrown my kindle across the room, picked it up again, swooned . . . These characters, this WORLD . . . it's everything. Raven has written a story for the ages, destined to go down as one of the epics

Sarah A Parker, author of To Bleed a Crystal Bloom

Raven writes with a magic that comes to life on the page. Every single word gleams like gold

Beck Michaels, author of Divine Blood

This is one of those series that started off phenomenal, and only gets better with every subsequent book

Laura Thalassa, author of The Bargainer Series

Get ready to be enthralled from the first word, and begging for more by the last. Raven Kennedy crafts an astonishing world that's filled with captivating characters and a story you won't be able to put down

Ivy Asher, bestselling author of The Osseous Chronicles and The Lost Sentinel Series

This series is amazing and I can't recommend it enough. It is one of the best New Adult Fantasy books out there

Kay Thatcher, author of Prince of Blades

TEN GILDED STARS! Remarkably original . . .and the prose, people . . . gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous

Olivia Wildenstein, USA Today Bestselling Author

An emotional rollercoaster

Elizabeth Brown, author of Blood Crown

What I've enjoyed so far about this series is how it's a metaphor about real, emotional issues

Day Leitao, author of Kingdom of Curses and Shadows Series

I devoured [the] first book and it ended on such a nice cliff-hanger that I am thirsting for the next one

Emmie Hamilton, author of Chosen to Fall

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