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  • Published: 5 September 2013
  • ISBN: 9780670920150
  • Imprint: Penguin eBooks
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 352

Georgian London

Into the Streets

An exciting English history packed with wonderful personal stories, for readers of The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England

Travel back to the Georgian years, London's most formative age - the age of love, sex, intellect, art, great ambition and fantastic ruin. It was a time that changed expectations of what life could be.

This book is about the Georgians who called London their home, from dukes and artists to rent boys and hot air balloonists meeting dog-nappers and life-models along the way. It investigates the legacies they left us in architecture and art, science and society, and shows the making of the capital millions know and love today.

  • Published: 5 September 2013
  • ISBN: 9780670920150
  • Imprint: Penguin eBooks
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 352

Praise for Georgian London

Jam-packed with unusual insights and facts about Georgian London. A great read from a talented new historian


Inglis writes colourfully and engagingly, and offers plenty of odd facts and amusing vignettes


Fun, fast and factual . . . Lucy Inglis offers, without breaking stride, a delicious panorama of people, quiddities and oddities

Evening Standard

Full of neat character portraits and engaging plots

Financial Times

Read and be amazed by a city you thought you knew

Jonathan Foyle, World Monuments Fund

Inglis has a good ear for the outlandish, the farcical, the bizarre and the macabre. A wonderful popular history of Hanoverian London

London Historians

Pacy, superbly researched. The real sparkle lies in its relentless cavalcade of insightful anecdotes . . . There's much to treasure here


The Georgians had enough scandal and drama going on to fill a dozen tabloid papers. The rather-fit Lucy Inglis crams it all into this startling book which will have you pining for a taste of those debauched days

Sunday Sport

From the Great Fire in 1666 and the covering of the old 'Ditch' where the Fleet river once ran, to the creation of Westminster Bridge, the British Museum and the National Gallery, Lucy Inglis gives us an entertaining romp through well-known parts of London

Who Do You Think You Are?

Lucy Inglis leaves no stone unturned, no coffeehouse unvisited and no dark alley unexplored . . . a dazzling tapestry of 18th-century London life emerges. Lively, engaging, fascinating, humorous

BBC History

[An] engaging and industrious survey of life in Georgian London


Reading Lucy Inglis's brisk, astringent and highly amusing tour around various quarters of Hanoverian London on Boxing Day is the ideal antidote to the excesses of Christmas and will keep you snugly entertained in your armchair for hours

History Today, 'Books of the Year'

Teeming with rich and fascinating detail and engaging anecdotes. A glorious, gossipy, gorgeous insight into the streets we walk every day

Marylebone Journal

Anyone who is interested in history and our great capital city will be gripped by Georgian London. This book is full of enjoyable nuggets

Soane Magazine

Inglis describes a city that was just beginning to become modern, with all its colourful high and low life

Journal of the Islington Archaeology & History Society

Lovingly detailed. Covers the full 116-year period in which the London we know today began to take shape

Express & Star

A perfect introduction to Georgian London

Georgian Group

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