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A fascinating exploration of the techniques of instant persuasion, in the tradition of Emotional Intelligence, Blink and Nudge.

*What do newborn babies and psychopaths have in common? What are the best ways to win arguments and resolve conflict? Has our ability to change minds, like the mind itself, evolved?

*Extreme Persuasion is about a special kind of persuasion – that which can instantly disarm even the most discerning mind, with an incubation period of seconds. This is the kind of high-wire psychological espionage that, in the right hands, can dismantle any conflict, but that in the wrong hands can kill.

*From the political genius of Nelson Mandela or Winston Churchill to the malign but fascinating powers of con-men and psychopaths, via weeping politicians and frogs that mug each other, Kevin Dutton's brilliantly original and revelatory book explores what psychology can teach us about the techniques of persuasion, the mojo of influence that only the yodas of persuasion and the grandmasters of martial arts possess.

*Dutton shows that each of us has an innate ability to influence others: like IQ, there is a spectrum of p


'So mind-alteringly brilliant that I'm amazed it hasn't been made illegal'


Kevin Dutton is not the Messiah. But he's got a whole bunch of stories and parables that shed new light on how we are persuaded.

Terry Jones and Michael Palin

'Brilliant... Kevin Dutton is simply a genius. I now tell his stories as if they were my own'


[a] wide-ranging and entertaining tour of the science of persuasion and influence... exposing, along with many other wonders, just how many scientists are currently at work in the shadowy territories of human personality, psychological improvement and, essentially, mind control

Sunday Times

Eminently readable... presents brilliant and highly original advice on how to get someone to do something.


'Flipnosis offers some powerful insights into the art and science of getting people to do what you want..You can't fault Dutton's eye for a good story...The book contains plenty of tricks to help you get your own way or turn around a sticky situation'

New Scientist

'Once you start reading this absorbing book, you see attempted flipnosis everywhere - and there's no better example than the word 'flipnosis' itself. Having promised you the secrets of this great phenomenon, Dutton keeps you waiting for them until well into the second half of the book, by which time you are well and truly hooked. He is no mean flipnotist, which I'm sure he'll take as the greatest possible compliment'

Daily Mail

Fascinating, intelligent and accessible.. Full of useful techniques, this book will help you get your own way in every aspect of life'.

Scarlet Magazine

As fascinating as it is alarming...Read it. Apply it.

Men's Health

'hugely entertaining and extremely thought-provoking'

RICHARD WISEMAN, author of Quirkology

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  • Paperback


    May 2, 2011


    400 pages

    RRP $24.99

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    May 2, 2011

    Cornerstone Digital

    400 pages

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