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A collection of autobiographical writings by the most zanily imaginative and brilliantly barking commentator of the post-war era

This is the second volume of Vonnegut’s autobiographical writings – a collage of his own life story, snipped up and stuck down alongside his views on everything from suicidal depression to the future of the planet and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Honest, dark, rambling, funny; this rare glimpse of Vonnegut's soul is a dagger to the heart of Western complacency.


An American cultural hero celebrated for his wry, loonily imaginative commentary on war, apocalypse, technology, materialism and other afflictions... One of the last of a generation of great American novelists of World War II

Los Angeles Times

Like listening to the monologue of an interesting man whose tongue has been loosened by just one glass of wine


Fates Worse Than Death is honest and scarily funny, and it offers a rare insight into an author who has customarily hidden his heart

New York Times

A truly great work of moral philosophy

The Age

Fates Worse Than Death is the latest volume of his cunning, rambling, edgy sermonettes, his wry, moral bomblets chucked night after night from podium and pulpit into gatherings of shrinks and museologists, Anglicans, architects, MIT graduands and the like. Rumours that the old boy was losing his knack of drilling straight into the nerve of western complacency can, on the evidence of this marvellously tetchy wit, be discounted.


Vonnegut's sharp wit and intellect are tempered but not blunted by his honesty and humanity


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Formats & editions

  • Paperback


    January 2, 2014

    Vintage Classics

    240 pages

    RRP $22.99

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