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Reminiscent of a classic Golden Age mystery, Fatal Inheritance is the captivating story of a woman rediscovering herself, amidst the razzle-dazzle and decadence of the French Riviera.

An intoxicating novel set in 1948, about dysfunctional families and long-hidden secrets, set against a backdrop of all-day pool parties, cocktails and glamour on the seductive French Riviera.

‘But don’t you think it strange?’ she presses him. ‘That this man I have never heard of should have left me such a gift?’

It’s 1948, and Eve Forrester is trapped in a loveless marriage, in a gloomy house, in a grey London suburb.

Then, out of the blue, she receives a solicitor's letter. A wealthy stranger has left her a mystery inheritance. And to find out more, she must to travel to the glittering French Riviera.

There Eve discovers that her legacy is an enchanting pale pink villa overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Suddenly her life could not be more glamorous. But while she rubs shoulders with film-stars and famous writers, under the heat of the golden sun, rivals to her unexplained fortune begin to emerge. Rivals who want her out of the way.

Alone in this beguiling paradise, Eve must unlock the story behind her surprise bequest – before events turn deadly . . .

‘Thrilling, seductive, utterly absorbing’ Paula Hawkins on A Dangerous Crossing

'An exquisite story of love, murder, adventure and dark secrets' Lisa Jewell on A Dangerous Crossing

Formats & editions

  • Trade Paperback


    July 30, 2018

    Bantam Australia

    400 pages

    RRP $32.99

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  • EBook


    July 30, 2018

    Random House Australia

    400 pages

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20 May 1948

If Vera arrives before Harry her whole life will change. Eve watches and waits. Really she ought to be outside, whipping sheets off the line before they are completely sodden, but her limbs remain pinioned to the sofa. Her eyes follow the progress of the two raindrops down the pane of glass until they pool together at the bottom, Vera merging into Harry, having not, after all, triumphed. A fleeting tug of disappointment.

But hadn’t she intended it to be the best of three? Most assuredly she had.

Eve scans the top of the window until she locates two more likely looking drops whom she names Bert and Louisa. But before they reach the bottom, she is disturbed by the shrill ringing of the bell.

Mr Ward, the postman, has a florid round face which is forever glazed with some form of precipitation, whether perspiration from the summer heat or, as now, a steady drizzle of rain. He is friendly and nosy and always seems to be expecting something more from his interactions with Eve than she is able to give.

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