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A gripping real-life thriller, which tells the story of a brilliant team of MIT students who won millions at the gambling tables of Las Vegas. ‘Ocean's Eleven’, but for real.

Real-life all too rarely offers stories that are quite as satisfying as fiction. BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE is one of the exceptions. Cheating in casinos is illegal; card-counting - making a record of what cards have so far been dealt to enable the player to make some prediction of what cards remain in the deck- is not. But casinos understandably dislike the practice and make every effort to keep card-counters out of their premises, banning them and using private detectives to share information on suspected and known counters. BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE tells the true story of the most successful scam ever, In which teams of brilliant young mathematicians and physicists won millions of dollars from the casinos of Las Vegas, being drawn in the process into the high-life of drugs, high-spending and sex. BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE is as readable and as fascinating as LIAR'S POKER or BARBARIANS AT THE GATE, an insight into a closed, excessive and utterly corrupt world.


it is, to use that cliche, "unputdownable"...a book that will surely become a classic of its genre.

Sunday Express

...Bringing Down the House is a can't-miss deal.

Lorenzo Carcaterra

A surreal cacophony of glamour, suspense and, eventually, terror. Part Tom Clancy, part Elmore Leonard...Gripping

The List

The tale laid out in Bringing Down the House is so beguiling, so agreeably reminiscent of, say Ocean's Eleven or House of Games that you find yourself mentally casting the parts as you read along... A fine yarn' Sunday Times

An extraordinary story- [I read] this thrilling book in almost one sitting - it is, to use that cliche, "unputdownable"- a book that will surely become a classic of its genre' Sunday Express

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Formats & editions

  • Paperback


    July 1, 2004


    320 pages

    RRP $19.99

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