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A new, laugh-out-loud series from the author and illustrator of Saurus Street.

A new, laugh-out-loud series from the author and illustrator of Saurus Street.

When nine-year-old Billy Fincher gets bitten by a lizard at his local pet shop, strange things start to happen . . .

His fingernails turn into claws, his skin becomes green and he starts breathing fire. Billy can’t hide it any longer – he’s turning into a dragon.

And when his parents decide to sell him to the zoo, Billy has to make a decision. Find a way to change back, or lose his family forever.

Being a dragon is more complicated than it sounds!


Girls and boys alike will thoroughly enjoy Billy’s adventures as he deals with shape-shifting lessons, werewolves, hungry teachers and more. Look out for more to come – these ones will be hugely popular with the 7 and up readers.

Sue Warren, Just So Stories

Written at a fast clip, interspersed with eye-catching fonts to emphasise the mood and the meaning, this is a new series from the creators of Saurus Street written to capture the imaginations of those on the cusp of being independent readers and moving onto novels. Billy’s adventures will appeal to all those who can think of better ways to spend their days than being at school, secretly wishing the teacher would disappear in a puff of smoke – which is almost what happens when he sets her hair on fire as he morphs into a dragon in the classroom.

Barbara Braxton, OZTL_NET

Tony Flowers’ quirky illustrations are more than just decoration – they are an integral part of the story that teach as much as they tell. While they have a cartoon-like appearance, the detail in the diagrams and the accompanying text not only explain the story but also provide a model for the reader to produce their own.

Barbara Braxton, OZTL_NET

Falk and Flowers are a dynamic duo of creativity.

Marian McGuinness, Buzz Words Books

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Formats & editions

  • Paperback


    March 3, 2014

    Random House Australia Children's

    144 pages

    RRP $12.99

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  • EBook


    March 3, 2014

    Random House Australia

    144 pages

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