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Bridget Jones meets Thelma and Louise in this fresh and very funny romantic comedy, as one woman finds the answers she needs (plus a little love) on a trip into the stunning Australian desert.

Take a hilarious road trip into the Australian outback in this witty romantic comedy, with an enticing family mystery thrown in!

When Amber Jones wakes up in her sister Sage’s speeding car, with no idea how she got there (though the hangover is a clue), all she wants to do is go home. But Sage is convinced a road trip to Alice Springs will finally answer the burning question: who is Amber’s father? Because nine months before Amber’s birth, her late mother Goldie made the same trip . . .

Armed with just a name and Goldie’s diaries, Amber agrees to search for a man she’s never met in one of the world’s biggest deserts.

And that means spending two weeks in a convoy of four-wheel-driving tourists and camping in freezing desert nights. To make matters worse, her fellow travellers hate her and the handsome tour leader Tom thinks she’s an alcoholic.

But slowly the desert starts to reveal its secrets – and Amber must decide which horizon to follow . . .

Formats & editions

  • Trade Paperback


    May 29, 2017

    Bantam Australia

    400 pages

    RRP $32.99

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  • EBook


    May 29, 2017

    Random House Australia

    400 pages

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Amber cracked an eyelid and sunlight hit her optic nerve like a tetanus shot. Why was blind used to describe drunk but not hungover?

Squeezing her eyes tight, she tried to force some synapse activity into the achy sludge in her head and figure out where she was. That single brief glimpse had told her she was in the front seat of a car – not her own. A steady, nauseating vibration said she was going somewhere at speed. The upholstery she was slumped on smelt new. Her dress had ridden up her thighs, she was wearing stockings but not shoes, hairpins were sticking into the back of her head. Her mouth tasted of red wine and felt like she’d been licking gravel.

Okay, enough with the mystery. She covered her eyes with spread fingers and peered through the gaps at the driver, blinking a couple of times at the mane of long, straight golden hair, the one purple-clad arm she could see, the crocheted vest. A bittersweet warmth trickled down Amber’s spine. It looked like…

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