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Book clubs  •  13 October 2021


You and Me on Vacation book club notes

Two friends. Ten summer trips. Their last chance to fall in love.

If your book club has a soft spot for romance and loved titles such as Beach Read, Star-Crossed, or Love Your Life then You and Me on Vacation is for you! The story follows Poppy and Alex, who hate each other when they first meet, but a shared ride home from college causes a friendship to develop. They promise to vacation together every year, until two summers ago it all went wrong. Will the two best friends fall in love on their last trip together?

Discussion points and questions:

  • When they first meet, Alex and Poppy are immediately put off by one another. Have you ever made a friend after a bad first impression?
  • What’s something you do on vacation that you’re unlikely to do in your daily life? Is there a certain comfort in anonymity?
  • Have you ever met a goal and found that your reaction wasn’t quite what you expected?
  • What is your worst vacation memory? Your best?
  • Poppy is going through professional burnout. Have you ever experienced that kind of fatigue? How did you get through it?
  • Which one of Alex and Poppy’s vacations would you most want to take? Which would you least want to take?
  • Having grown up in a small town, Poppy struggles to break free of her reputation—or at least struggles to believe she can. When have you felt misunderstood, and how did you get past it?
  • Why do you think it takes Poppy and Alex so long to admit their feelings to one another?
  • Rachel has a lot to say about contentment versus purpose. In your own life, do you prize one above the other? Are these ideas mutually exclusive or can you have both?
  • Do you think Poppy and Alex are going to make it?

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You and Me on Vacation
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