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William Edgar

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Bill Edgar is the one they call ‘The Coffin Confessor’ - he’s a successful businessman, counsellor, author and one of Australia’s leading private detectives, who’s known for doing what most lawyers, accountants and professionals won’t, can’t or fear: speak the truth of those silenced.

Books by William Edgar

The Afterlife Confessional

Heartbreaking and hilarious, outrageous and wise, The Afterlife Confessional is Bill Edgar’s fascinating account of the things he’s witnessed and learned as the Coffin Confessor – the bizarre and beautiful ways we live and love, the finality of death and the power of legacy, and how letting go can sometimes be the first step to living on.

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The Coffin Confessor

‘That’s when I stood up, told the best mate to sit down, shut up or f**k off. That the man in the coffin had a few things to say.’

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