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Will Millard

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Will Millard is a British writer, jungle explorer and BBC presenter. He spent his twenties criss-crossing the forests of remotest West Papua in search of ancient tribal trade routes, before his solo descent of a West African river, and subsequent survival from cerebral malaria was made into an acclaimed series for BBC Radio 4.

Last year he lived alongside Aboriginal whale harpooners and subsistence-hunting sea-nomads as part of his maiden television series 'Hunters of the South Seas' for BBC Two. He writes regularly for Geographical, Outdoor Fitness, the Daily Telegraph and Vice magazine, and has taken his enthusiasm for adventure and the planet's most isolated peoples to audiences across the UK.

Books by Will Millard

The Old Man and the Sand Eel

The Old Man and the Sand Eel is a beautifully written memoir about fishing, family and the wilds of Great Britain

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