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Tom Moorhouse

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Dr Tom Moorhouse is a conservation research scientist who has worked for twenty years at the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, in Oxford University’s Zoology Department. He completed his DPhil on the conservation ecology of water voles in 2003 at Oxford. He has since published extensively in the academic literature on water vole and hedgehog ecology and conservation, the management of aquatic non-native species, and on the conservation and animal welfare impacts of humans’ recreational use of wildlife. His current work examines wildlife consumer psychology and experimentally tests consumer education messaging, designed to reduce global demand for wildlife products.
Outside of conservation research, Tom is also the author of award-winning children’s fiction, and has published a number of public engagement pieces based on his own research, including the winner of the 2003 New Scientist New Millennial Science Writing Competition, entitled Reintroducing ‘Ratty’.

Books by Tom Moorhouse

Elegy For a River

A lightly, but beautifully written and moving account of a conservationist's work studying our endangered riverbanks and specifically the water vole, once ubiquitous and now close to extinction.

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