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Stefan Aust
Photo Credit: Spiegel Verlag

Stefan Aust was for many years the editor-in-chief of the political weekly Der Spiegel, Germany's most influential news magazine. He is also the founder and current publisher of Spiegel TV. He worked in the editorial offices of konkret from 1966 to 1969 and played a part in the events described in this book. Between 1970 and 1985 he made numerous documentaries for North German Television. He wrote the script for the feature film Stammheim, which won the top award at the 1986 Berlin Film Festival. He worked with Bernd Eichinger on the script for the film The Baader-Meinhof Complex (2008), which is based on his book.

Books by Stefan Aust

The Baader-Meinhof Complex

The definitive history of the German terrorist Red Army Faction (1970-98): both a fast-paced narrative, which reads like a thriller, and an essential guide to the understanding of terrorism - then and now.


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