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Siimon Reynolds

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Siimon Reynolds is a renowned Australian advertising entrepreneur and expert on personal and business achievement. He is also a highly regarded speaker, executive coach and a business author who has actually been successful in business, with more than 50 awards for excellence to his name, and a 30-year career owning and running numerous successful companies. He has been featured on 60 Minutes, Today, Bloomberg and many other TV programs as a high achiever, including as a Shark on Australia’s original version of Shark Tank (Dragon’s Den). He has personally raised $19 million for his and his friends’ start-up ventures.

Books by Siimon Reynolds

Win Fast

In the spirit of The Four Day Work Week, Win Fast offers short, easy-to-adopt productivity hacks that will maximize your time, sharpen your focus, and achieve your goals.

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Why People Fail

A guide to achieving success using focus and positive thinking, by one of Australia's most successful ad men.

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How to win at meetings

From Win Fast, Siimon Reynolds offers some tips on how to make an impression in meetings.