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Rylan Clark-Neal

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Rylan Clark-Neal has quickly risen to be on of the UK's most successful and in demand presenters. Since finding fame on The X Factor, Rylan went on to win Celebrity Big Brother, present the sister show Big Brother's Bit on the Side, become a full-time member of the This Morning team, as well as reach the final of Celebrity MasterChef.

Rylan was raised by his mum and grandmother in East London before moving to a small town in Essex. He had big dreams from an early age and followed them with unflinching determination. This is his first book.

Books by Rylan Clark-Neal

The Life of Rylan

Well hark at you, stumbling upon my autobiography. Bet you wouldn't have put money on that three years ago, eh?! Please don't stress yourself out too much though, it's actually socially acceptable nowadays that you're interested.
Firstly I'd like to emphasise that I have WRITTEN THIS BOOK MYSELF, so be assured you're getting the TOOTH, the WHOLE TOOTH and NOTHING BUT THE TOOTH! (Which was my original choice of title, but babe, we're so over that) This book documents my story, year by year, from my humble beginnings growing up in the East End of London, becoming one of the nation's most talked-about people overnight to finally moving up the spectrum from guilty pleasure, and getting nearer to national treasure. It will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly you'll discover who I really am. If it doesn't do any of those things you're not legally entitled to a refund - just clearing that up ;-). I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it. This book has been like therapy, and LORD was I in need. Enjoy!

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