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Ruth Goodman

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Ruth Goodman is a specialist in British social history. She appeared as a presenter on all three previous Farm series, and co-authored the tie-in books. She is also a regular expert on The One Show.

Peter Ginn is a trained archaeologist and historian, and appeared in all the previous series. He studied at University College London and has a passion for making the past accessible to all. Tudor Farm is the latest project in his career of 'avoiding a proper job'.

Tom Pinfold is the latest addition to the Farm team. A military historian, he has worked on a number of naval events in Liverpool in conjunction wtih the Royal Navy, and has also worked as an archaeologist at the Museum of London.

Books by Ruth Goodman

How to be a Tudor

The real Wolf Hall, full of fascinating detail - 'Seldom have I had so much fun reading history' (The Times)

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How to be a Victorian

Horrible History ... for adults. Brimming with frank, witty and often gruesome observations, BBC star Ruth Goodman describes what Victorian life was really like

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