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Rorke Denver

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In fourteen years as a SEAL officer, Lieutenant Commander Rorke Denver has tangled with drug lords in Latin America, stood up to violent mobs in Liberia, and battled terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan. The leader of over 200 commando missions, he earned a Bronze Star with 'V' for valour. He spent the past four years as executive officer to the Navy Special Warfare Center's Advanced Training Command in Coronado, California, directing all phases of the basic and advanced SEAL training. He is married and has two daughters.

Ellis Henican is a columnist at Newsday and on-air commentator at the Fox News Channel. He has written two recent New York Times bestsellers.

Books by Rorke Denver

Damn Few

A unique first-hand account of the Navy SEALs, featuring stories from SEAL training and real-life missions.

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