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Robyn Salisbury
Photo Credit: © Robyn Salisbury

Robyn Salisbury

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Robyn Salisbury, author of Staying In Love: Top Secrets of Great Relationships, also writes a regular relationship Q & A feature for the Sunday Star Times under the name of Mrs Salisbury. She received a lot of media attention when she published a paper on the prevalence and dangers of sexual addiction. A clinical psychologist and sex specialist, she has a private practice in Palmerston North and a website (www.sextherapy.co.nz).
Staying In Love removes the taboo surrounding sexual relationships, providing a manual which promotes talking about sexual issues, using conversation-starters and case studies as a guide. Writing for the ASSECT Newsletter, Dr Madeleine M Castellanos, a New York-based sex therapist, called Staying In Love ‘a unique book’ with ‘brilliant insights’. After discussing its structure and content in detail, she concluded that it could be used with couples and individuals ‘of any sexual orientation’, and finished: ‘I would highly recommend this book to be given as bibliotherapy to couples and individuals and to a general audience overall.’

Books by Robyn Salisbury

Staying In Love

How to keep your relationship alive and interesting by an relationships expert.

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