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Robert Hardman

Robert Hardman

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Robert Hardman is one of the foremost observers of the modern British royal scene, and the bestselling author of Our Queen. He has covered all aspects of the Monarchy for British newspapers, television and radio over more than 25 years and has interviewed many members of the Royal Family for his books and for a series of internationally-acclaimed films. These include Our Queen at Ninety (ITV 2016), Our Queen (ITV 2013), Charles at 60 (BBC One 2008), Monarchy: The Royal Family At Work (BBC One 2007) and The Queen’s Castle (BBC One 2005).

As a newspaper journalist and columnist, Robert has also covered more than 60 royal tours worldwide. In addition to the British Royal Family, his royal interviewees have included the Emperor and Empress of Japan, the King and Queen of Norway and the Queen of Denmark. He now writes the acclaimed How I See It column for the Daily Mail. Married with three children, he lives in London.

Books by Robert Hardman

Queen of the World

An enthralling personal portrait of Her Majesty the Queen and how she has helped redefine the role of Britain, the monarch and the world stage itself.

If you loved the Netflix series, The Crown, you'll love this.

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Our Queen

The inside story of a thoroughly modern monarch, as told by the bestselling and acclaimed biographer, Robert Hardman

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Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work

Tie-in to major new documentary series about the Queen

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