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Richard Murphy
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Richard Murphy

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Richard Murphy is a UK chartered accountant. He was senior partner of a practicing firm and director of a number of entrepreneurial companies before becoming one of the founders of the Tax Justice Network in 2003. He now directs Tax Research UK and writes, broadcasts and blogs extensively.

Richard created the country-by-country reporting concept for multinational companies and has been credited with creating much of the debate on tax gaps in the UK and Europe. He also defined the term ‘secrecy jurisdictions’, now widely used in debates on offshore taxation. He has been described as the architect of 'Corbynomics' as part of the Corbyn campaign for leadership of the labour party.

Richard is joint author of Tax Havens, The True Story of Globalisation and sole author of The Courageous State. In 2015 he became Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University, London.

Books by Richard Murphy

The Joy of Tax

How a fair tax system can can create a better society

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Over Here and Undertaxed: Multinationals, Tax Avoidance and You

Tax: inevitable for you, optional for Starbucks? Tax expert and blogger Richard Murphy explores how and why multinational companies in the UK are allowed to legally avoid corporation tax while debt rises and public services are cut - and what needs to be done about it.

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