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Richard Littlejohn

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Richard Littlejohn is an award-winning Daily Mail columnist and broadcaster, and Number One best-selling author. In 2012, he was given the prestigious Edgar Wallace Prize for fine writing by the London Press Club.

He was voted one of the most influential journalists of the past forty years by Press Gazette, has been Fleet Street's Columnist of the Year and was named Irritant of the Year by the BBC's What The Papers Say for his unrivalled ability to get up the noses of the great and good. His satirical books and his highly-acclaimed novel To Hell in a Handcart have all been best sellers.

Richard has written for the Sun, London's Evening Standard, Punch and the Spectator. He has presented his own TV series and documentaries on LWT, Sky, Channel 4 and Carlton, winning a Silver Rose of Montreux. As a radio presenter he has worked for London's LBC and the BBC, receiving a Sony Award for his football phone-in show 6-0-6.

Books by Richard Littlejohn

Littlejohn's Lost World

One of Britain's most successful, controversial columnists looks back on his childhood and how we got from there to here.

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Littlejohn's House of Fun

Littlejohn returns with a fiercely hilarious collection of pieces on the Brown Years

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Littlejohn's Britain

As with Jeremy Clarkson's bestseller, this is a themed collection of pieces that fires broadside at Blair's Britain and the absurdity of petty bureaucracy.

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