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Rhee Kun Hoo

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Rhee Kun Hoo was born in 1935, during imperial Japan's occupation of Korea. Having worked as a psychiatrist and taught at Ewha Womans University his entire career of over fifty years, Rhee made indispensable contributions in the field of mental health care in South Korea and is considered a visionary. He was the first to introduce an open-ward system and psychodrama as a therapy method in psychiatric facilities in the country, and also served as the president of KNPA (Korean Neuropsychiatric Association). After retirement, Rhee and his wife have dedicated themselves to providing post-war Korean generations with guidance in life such as parenting, counseling, relationship advice, and post-retirement life coaching. Rhee has written over ten books in Korean to date, including his bestselling debut essay collection, I Want to Have Fun Till the Day I Die (Galleon, 2013), which has sold around half a million copies in Korea.

Books by Rhee Kun Hoo